Physical Details


A sumptuous, hardbound 400-page volume complete with hundreds of rare historic photographs, documenting thousands of hours of research on the true origins of the jeep. A must for military vehicle buffs, WW II and military history students, industrial designers and fans of historical intrigue.

  • It is BIG! 400 pages of 8.5 x 11.5 of heavy, highest quality paper. The book weighs in at 5 and a half pounds (2.5 kg)
  • A hard back book with olive drab cloth cover and debossed with gold foil imprints.
  • Traditional stitched construction with head and tail pieces; not just glued together.
  • Professionally laid out and beautifully organized by an Italian layout artist of substantial reputation.
  • Real off-set printing, not run off a glorified copy machine.
  • Full color is used wherever color pictures can be found.
  • Colorful dust cover practical as well as attractive.
  • Limited production. 1,000 copies only have been printed. This will be your only chance to get a first edition, first printing. There is no guarantee that a second printing will be justified or undertaken.
  • There is no digital version. If you see a digital version, it is pirated. Please report it to us.

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